Old Bar

As he stands alone in the waiting waters and the reel is taken by the wind.

The water crashes against his feet until he reels it in.

A lone man fishing, He stands waiting, patiently, 

As the sun goes down and the moon has risen to a half

Shining brightly, Shining Brightly until he gets that next reel in




A trip to Old Bar is not a trip without a few dark clouds and a spot of rain on the flight over. Only to be greeted by humidity and the need for some good old Fish and Chips on the prom.

What a great weekend, Sunshine, saltwater beach swim, dinner at ‘The Tav’. Spot of evening fishing, another dip in the ocean and the pool, a nap in the afternoon breeze, and an evening walk.

Felipe and Juliana were unable to attend at this time, but we hope to see them again soon.  


From the Captain,

It was a ripsnorter of a weekend all sun and fishing. Did not get a bite. Swim in the surf and then the pool in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Picked up by the curtsy bus for tea at the local and then dropped off at the cabin after.

There were storms out of Taree which we went behind then between the one over Taree I could see Old Bar and a storm coming in over the ocean no time to waste slapped it on the deck unloaded and had fish and ships sitting in the rain at the local café absolutely subline (Michelle got all the local gossip) then checked in. The cabins are well-equipped for cooking.

The strip there is much better than I remember it. It is dead flat with a slight dip in the middle. Able to take off both ways. I did the short-field take-off but still had half the strip to use.

The beach is very shallow next time I go I will walk down to the entry of the Manning River to the sea for some better fishing holes. The trip home was uneventful smooth flying.